Friday, 2 August 2013

#01 Dr who besieged epi 02 Before & After

About a month ago Paul and I had finally finished the Dr Who Besieged project and was invited by the Magic Works Entertainment to see, it launch online via YouTube and screened in Govan Glasgow. I managed to to take a picture of the screening and myself during and after. It was great to meet up with the rest of the team that worked on this project. I've put together approximately a 45 sec clip on the scenes I worked on in Doctor Who : Besieged Part 2. Which involves compositing green screen, building nebular environments and ship interiors. I worked closely with another CGI artist and filmmaker Paul Reeves whom I have mentioned before, he modelled the Alien and the Archer ship and sent renders to my self to composite as my area was mostly environment construction. Here is a link to the full second part 2 if you fancy taking a 50 min break with a coffee - Doctor Who : Besieged Part 2 

A second before it was launched on to YouTube ↓

Green Screen before and after - Doctor Who : Besieged Part 2 ↓

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