Saturday, 25 August 2012

Update - Dr Who Besieged

The CGI started when Paul Reeves was asked to model the archer (spaceship) for a fan film named Dr Who - Besieged organised by Magic Works Entertainment, Where I composited the archer scenes together. This was back in 2010.

The short has been launched and has been screened in various places across the UK and now can be seen online.

In the summer of 2011 Magic Works approached us again asking for more work on 2 further  episodes of the fan film Dr Who.

From October until January give or take Paul and I have worked on the GCI concepts for this project. Then from May until now we have been working on the animations, compositing and matte paintings etc on Dr Who - Besieged.

I took on this project to develop my skills and my portfolio in VFX.  My work so far has dominantly been character modeling. Though very capable of doing various VFX and composting I had very little work to show and wanted to work on few different environments and this project has given me this chance. This project has had many challenges I have met and over come and feel this has strengthened my abilities as a general CGI artist.

This project will not take long to be finished and has already been scheduled for a screening, surprisingly enough and coincidentally the founder of my degree in Swansea. Already the Trailer is doing very well and that was launched during last week and already has reached 1500 hits.  So I can understand the excitement of Magic Works Entertainment and currently the pressure is on to meet this deadline so a lot of late nights for me this week. I'm like a bear with a sore head with no sleep and the neighbours didn't help last night with their house party. 

After this is completed I have a couple of other projects lined up which I'm very excited about and very keen to get started. 

(c) Graphics are property of MagicWorks  Entertainment and are not for reproductions of any kind find all credits via this Link

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