Sunday, 1 July 2012

#01 Phren - Skitz, Phren & Nick


I'm still working on the developing the story on Skitz, Phren & Nick. I've been thinking a lot more about Phren's character,  before I move on to Nick. I fancy doing some more illustrations of her to develop the character in my minds eye. 

At the moment I would say she has a quiet confidence. What I mean by that is she is not shy, however will speak her mind when she has an opinion or has something to say when she want to say it.  Regardless how inappropriate the situation maybe. 

She likes to read a lot and not a fan of noisy places. Such as she rather be at a library than at a busy cafe. I've kind of decided that's a past time for her mother (I go into that more bit later). I  like to think that Phren is bit of a  dreamer and wonders about things and places. Her character will not be a fan of animals.  Her parent want's her to learn about responsibly as if doing well at school is not enough. Her mother adopts a cat for Phren. Phren struggles with the responsibility of looking after a fish and a cat that proves to be difficult as she begins to learn that Skitz is more than just eccentric....well for cat any way.


(c) All art works and plot lines are by Vanessa-May Dolphin all rights reserved 2012

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