Sunday, 21 November 2010

Swirly Clouds Part 2

I thought the next time I blogged about Applelove I would have had the environment completely finished. However I became distracted with more ideas for this render. I developed the idea and the style of rain and rainbows to see how the render would feel with the change. I think I've finally created a dream like feel to Applelove. Above is a grab of wire frame of the scene that I'm experimenting with.

I also changed the sun, I originally used a ramp shader. The ramp was not really giving me the feel that I wanted for the scene or giving me the effects that I envisioned for the sun.

I decided to use geometry instead and see where that would take me. I think it works better now  as you can see in the next image below theres a nice   halo around the sun and glow on the clouds that gives it that dream like feel.

Yep, I'm quite happy where this animation is going. I even love the way the sun is glowing through the rain.  I think it give it an almost romantic setting.  Which is the whole point of Applelove, (dur it's a love story...... never mind :p) 

TC peeps


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Swirly Clouds

I mentioned on twitter about swirly clouds, I came to the conclusion that perhaps no one had a clue what I was on about because I didn't get any replies back. Either the former or noone cared.  (aww poor me......NOT...teetee)

I wanted to create identifiable style of clouds for the animation I'm developing,  named Applelove.

I did a couple of renders because I was looking for the correct exposure for the animation environment. 

To my Surprise I discovered I actually like this render dark and muted.  In my logical mind clouds should be in silhouette when the sun is behind the clouds in theory.  That why I began this render at lower light intensity and came realise that the render looks like its at dusk or dawn.

At the end of the Applelove animation it does becomes dark. ( I will say no more :P due to a plot spoiler you need to wait and see.) I may experiment with this idea of exposure more in more depth.

Naturally I went for a mid tone light exposure.  The light I'm using for the clouds believe it or not has a purple tint and the environment has a blue tint to the light.  I do like the blue feel to the scene. I used a lot of purple in the light and you need to look closely to see it. Although I like subtleness of the results much the same.

This 3rd render I may except this as final exposure. I'm happy with the style of the clouds and will need to make a few more for the scene.

Next on the on my agenda is to have the environment completely finished to the way I have it in mind and I post some renders of that.  So you can view my progress.

yeah I do like my clouds, my previous designs I were not happy with and its bothered me since.  You can see previous renders on my web site of Applelove before I decided to go back and fix the parts that I were not happy with such as the clouds.



Monday, 1 November 2010

My work on ArtyBuzz

Wondering Rainie
Millies New Home
I have been working on some paintings recently and I have decided to put them on this web site Artybuzz.  So please keep yourself updated if you like this type of work because there will be more in this style .

If you like my work follow the link to the artybuzz profile thanks.  Vx

Buy Art from Vanessa-May Dolphin on the artists community Artybuzz
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