Sunday, 28 February 2010


I'm on twitter.

Lets see how it goes, so add me there :)


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Girl Mysterious

Here she is, a total transformation from the first vision, I had in mind for this painting. But that doesn't matter because, I'm still keen on creating Girl Bunny. I have come to realize, I need to research and sketch more for that idea. Already looking forward to it because, as I'm writing this, ideas are popping into my head. Anyway Girl Mysterious is standing under roots of a tree and I'm pleased how this painting has turned out. So may start Girl Bunny in a few days. I want to concentrate on the animation, for now. Please keep yourself updated for my next painting.

I will be setting up a twitter page next week. I will post that when its up and running. I have had such a busy day today getting ready to move, cleaning out a large cupboard full of boxes. Breakfast with one of my mates also looking at paints at a local store for decorating etc.

This is just a quick break and I will be going back to clearing and sorting out boxes soon.

Check out my store at Zazzle

I will post updates about my animation within a few days.



Wee Teaser

I have a surprise in store. I hope you grow to love, I'm not going to tell you yet the idea (tee hee) so please keep your self updated.

This is a test render of Xani holding her shopping bags after of course on a day trip into town buying new things. This I'm thinking of being the opening shot of the animation short that wont take long to do. I've just been spreading my time working on a painting.

oh 'the painting' I have a name for it. I decided to call it Girl Mysterious, the painting turned out not what I first had in mind. The initial idea was meant to be of Girl Bunny. However I still think it has worked out OK. I'm eating out for breakfast so when I get back I Blog Girl Mysterious.

Goodnight Peeps


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Leaving Girl Bunny for another day.

I started a painting the other day. All intention on creating a style that is very similar to Girl Pink. This piece I wanted it on canvas. So while I was out with my boyfriend. We went to the nearest art shop in the town and bought my paints. At the moment I'm in my pink obsession so of course the paints had to be pink.

That evening I prepare my self. I became focused, I adore fresh and new things so I was naturally excited about opening up my new paint and taking the thin plastic protector off the 'new' canvas I also had bought.

I researched my composition and the similar style I want to keep. I blocked in the colours onto the canvas. Enjoying that bright fresh colour of pink.

The next day I apply detail. My emotions start to change from this exciting fresh 'ooh I have new things', To 'Oh my god what is this I'm painting'. My subconscious decides to take other and paint something that is nothing to do with this style I'm going for.

I think to my self shall I leave this painting or start again. Or keep going and see where it takes me. I hate starting something that may be a waste of my time. I take a step back, I put the paint brush down and I go back to my animation I'm working on.

I begin to work on the lighting of the animation feeling the good about the renders that are being produced.

However mind still plays on about the painting. That late afternoon I felt that all the progress I done for that day on animation was successful, so I go back to the painting. I begin to paint over things. I Change everything apart from the pink and I have to say.........its no longer Girl Bunny.

I hope to have a digital image of my painting over the next few days. However you may have to bare with me I'm moving soon and I have to pack and My friend is visiting tonight and most of today I've been working on my animation which I feel is looking not bad.



Friday, 19 February 2010

Girl Pink

Hi there

Girl Pink is a coloured pencil study. I do like this i'm going to do more Girl Pink pieces in this style. Later today I shall work on another piece, I have another idea that I like to explore.

However I have put Girl Pink in my zazzle store if you fancy a brows.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Milly's New Home

This is the first painting I have done for a long time. The last time I painted was at college which was awhile ago. Since then I have completed my degree and taken on few freelance jobs for websites and logo's

I shall be doing a few more paintings of Milly in this style. Milly is one of my characters that I truly adore. I don't want to give away the plot line just yet. But in time you find out all about her story and her life. I be doing some more paintings of Milly over the next few weeks.

Just like Milly I be moving too, so like Milly who will be enjoying her new home and of course decorating. So this is what I be doing too. This painting also represents this period in my life. I'm looking forward to moving into my new place hopefully it will be a start for new beginnings and a step to better things. Its also bigger so I have much more space for creativity.

This painting is not on my web site yet. I want to complete some more paintings of this style before I create a new page. So in the mean time, my work will be uploaded on my blog page and on deviant art.

Soon these paintings will be up for sale on prints so if you like a Milly to look after your home let me know.



Wednesday, 17 February 2010


hi there
I have updated some areas of my web site. I have added new portfolio material so you can see some of the development of some the characters I have been working on since 2009.

I given my self a few goals this year I hope I'm not spreading my self too thin. There is a film festival that I like to enter its advertised on the net working site which I have a profile there also. It a great site to getting to know people in the industry that involves film and games. (so check it out)

I also plan to model a few characters that I truly adore that be Kei and Rainie, by the end of the I year should have a new animation about Kei (surprises eh)

I've gone back to painting, a lost passion that I haven't been tendering too. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Until I picked up the brush last week. I also should have a few digital images of my paintings on the website for you to browse at soon.


Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hi there I hope every one is all well. I've been working on a series of illustrations in a style that you can see above. Her name is Rainie; her character is part of a bigger story where she falls in love which is forbidden.

please See my store at Zazzle if you like Rainie. In time I shall be doing a 3d version of this character.

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