Monday, 27 December 2010

A Christmas Render

Merry belated Christmas.

I had such a busy Christmas I didn't get to blog my Christmas Pud in time. I  decided to hone in on my skills and work on lighting and rendering.   Starting with a christmas pud. I hope this render is as tasty as the real thing.  Though  I'm not too keen about this type of pudding.

I wanted to something simple, because I wanted to focus on the lighting and rendering only. This is the wire frame of the scene. As you can see nothing wow or complicated about the modelling.

Quite happy with the Puddings texturing had fun creating the cake part of it.

Would like some comments to help me improve my skills something constructive will be great peeps:)

Have a great new year.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Swirly Clouds Part 2

I thought the next time I blogged about Applelove I would have had the environment completely finished. However I became distracted with more ideas for this render. I developed the idea and the style of rain and rainbows to see how the render would feel with the change. I think I've finally created a dream like feel to Applelove. Above is a grab of wire frame of the scene that I'm experimenting with.

I also changed the sun, I originally used a ramp shader. The ramp was not really giving me the feel that I wanted for the scene or giving me the effects that I envisioned for the sun.

I decided to use geometry instead and see where that would take me. I think it works better now  as you can see in the next image below theres a nice   halo around the sun and glow on the clouds that gives it that dream like feel.

Yep, I'm quite happy where this animation is going. I even love the way the sun is glowing through the rain.  I think it give it an almost romantic setting.  Which is the whole point of Applelove, (dur it's a love story...... never mind :p) 

TC peeps


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Swirly Clouds

I mentioned on twitter about swirly clouds, I came to the conclusion that perhaps no one had a clue what I was on about because I didn't get any replies back. Either the former or noone cared.  (aww poor me......NOT...teetee)

I wanted to create identifiable style of clouds for the animation I'm developing,  named Applelove.

I did a couple of renders because I was looking for the correct exposure for the animation environment. 

To my Surprise I discovered I actually like this render dark and muted.  In my logical mind clouds should be in silhouette when the sun is behind the clouds in theory.  That why I began this render at lower light intensity and came realise that the render looks like its at dusk or dawn.

At the end of the Applelove animation it does becomes dark. ( I will say no more :P due to a plot spoiler you need to wait and see.) I may experiment with this idea of exposure more in more depth.

Naturally I went for a mid tone light exposure.  The light I'm using for the clouds believe it or not has a purple tint and the environment has a blue tint to the light.  I do like the blue feel to the scene. I used a lot of purple in the light and you need to look closely to see it. Although I like subtleness of the results much the same.

This 3rd render I may except this as final exposure. I'm happy with the style of the clouds and will need to make a few more for the scene.

Next on the on my agenda is to have the environment completely finished to the way I have it in mind and I post some renders of that.  So you can view my progress.

yeah I do like my clouds, my previous designs I were not happy with and its bothered me since.  You can see previous renders on my web site of Applelove before I decided to go back and fix the parts that I were not happy with such as the clouds.



Monday, 1 November 2010

My work on ArtyBuzz

Wondering Rainie
Millies New Home
I have been working on some paintings recently and I have decided to put them on this web site Artybuzz.  So please keep yourself updated if you like this type of work because there will be more in this style .

If you like my work follow the link to the artybuzz profile thanks.  Vx

Buy Art from Vanessa-May Dolphin on the artists community Artybuzz

Sunday, 10 October 2010

GAMEBOYZ sitcom - Say hello Mr Critter

I decided to upload the concept art and some rough renders of the critter that I have been asked to design for the independently made sitcom called Gameboyz.

The initial design ideas for this critter came from the lost Aztec civilization.  They used the masks as symbols of there beliefs to decorate there alters. 

I did a few ideas for this character and these 2 designs were selected. Then later decided that the above design  was the one preferred to develop into 3d.

This little critter is about 2ft tall and very mischievous.  This is a mystical creature which comes alive in the in the sitcom. To my current knowledge the critter causes as much headache as possible.

I've shown some of these renders to a few people not on the net. The feed back is been very amusing some find him really scary others adored him and found him cute and cuddly.  I have enjoyed creating this character and love him to bits but I wouldn't call him cuddly.


This is a live action piece so he will be composited into the film and you see him getting up to no good.

Please keep yourselves updated over the next few weeks.  There be loads of development to the sitcom Gameboyz.  You shall be introduced to the cast when the website becomes live. Also the documentary of behind the scenes footage of the creation of gameboyz which has been loads of fun to be part of.
(oh did I mention that I also play a small part in the gameboyz.:D)

I cant wait when the editors have done a rough cut to finally see it and I get the footage to composite the little critter and bring him to life.  There are more little different types of critters in the Gameboyz they are in future episodes and in time you get to know what they are all about.

Any way is now back in action if you like to visit my web site.  If you have anything to ask me about projects or any creative art work you like me to do.  You can contact me via the my website.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My website and some updates

Its been month or so since I last blogged and a lot has happened during that time. I've been working on a independently made sitcom named Gameboyz. Where I've played a small role in and currently working on the CGI elements. For this project I am also making a documentary of behind the scenes of Gameboyz and I'm currently editing. 

One more day of filming of Gameboyz then its a wrap and off to the editor. At the moment a trailer is also been created and the website for Gameboyz is in process of creating a style and branding.  Where you shall be introduced to the quirky characters played by the cast. 

At present I'm having computer problems which is still happening, another reason why there's been a slow production amount of 3d work being blogged.

However the main reason why I'm blogging today is to let you know that the website under the domain name will be no longer available after the 25/09/10 at present working on a new website and seeking a new host.

However I still have ownership over the domain and will be transferring it when I have new website and showreel made.

For my new website I'm aiming to have a new showreel containg the work I've done for Gameboyz and other projects I've done recently. You can still get in touch with me via if wish to work with me on a project.  To see any samples of my work on visit or rake through my old blogs.

I've almost most finished the critter for the project Gameboyz. In a few days I'll shall blog the concept art and the cgi of that character.  Just the texturing to do which wont take long.

So if you a regular reader of my blog thanks for revisiting and keeping updated with my work.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Xani goes shopping

This short animation is designed for a blog I shall be starting all about Xani, either in the next few days or the beginning of next week.  I also plan to have a few more shore animations about her adventures, so if you like this character.  I post on twitter and here when I start her journey.

This blog I wrote about Xani is the all about her character profile.  To summarise the character. Xani is a college student studying journalism but would like to specialise in fashion and editorial.  To keep her going through college she earns her money by being a model. She earns enough to get by. She likes to keep physically fit by doing kick boxing.

Like Kei I went back to Xani to improve her skin and eyes. This animation would of been posted sooner however I found a great tutorial to improve look of the character and felt it necessary for the delay.

ciao xx


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kei part 2 (a working progress)

I haven't blogged any 3d work for a little while. I thought I'd show some of my progress of kei.  You can see the earlier images in the blog I created named Kei in 3d.

The changes that I have done
since the last model is pointed
out bellow.  
  • Improved the skin and created the texture to be more realistic.
  • I've changed her hair style. Well actually gone back to the original concept Idea. 
  • The eye. To be similar  to the real eye. 
I'd like to mention that I have not done any alterations to the mesh,  since the last time I've blogged. I've concentrated on the points above creating better textures and using the software techniques. Looking back, the skin and the eye changes to Kei makes a huge difference to the way Kei looks and I like it.

Her character does transform and it will be a painful transformation for her when she does. Kei also does not understands why she changes. 

Kei is not of this world.  Born from a race that has considered themselves ascended. She does not have any memory of her own world or how she has arrived on earth.  This character is a victim of circumstance and the story will develop on how she deals with situations that she is faced with. I don't want to go too much into the details of the character until I've finished her completely.   

However, the animation short I have in mind for this character is completely different to her actual plot line that I have not long mentioned. For example the famous writer Steven King, takes his characters and pops them in other plot lines in his books. Same with the writer Terry Prachett. 

I'm doing a similar thing with this character. I love to go details of this animation short. It does have a twist and if I reveal it at this stage it will spoil it.  

The skin is a little dark in this render. I need to go back and alter that, also I want to make some changes to the veins perhaps some subtle veins on the cheeks.  The hair I must confess I'm not happy with. I'm not too worried about that because I have a way to change and fix that.

In this render the detail of the horns are a lot clear and when the hair is finally  styled the way I want it, the horns will be a lot clearer.

When Kei transforms, her veins becomes much more  prominent and her skin becomes slightly paler than the natural skin which you see in future renders.  

In this render, I've added the skin pores and specular mapping to make the lips shiny and bit wet looking. 

Thought I'd do a close up render of the eye. Again I'm not happy with the eyelashes which I'll go back to. The effect I want is like a mascara advert full curvy lashes. 

Her eyes are wide because it's the style I like to create a base model.  For clients I model the eyes looking more relaxed rather than wide eyed, unless asked differently. I do the eyes this way as a base to create different facial expressions. 

The next time I blog about Kei she will be completely finished ready for animation.


Sunday, 11 July 2010

my take on Predators 2010 (has spoilers)

On the day of release in the UK, which happened to be the same day as my mothers birthday.  Relief filled me when she finally made a decision on what she wanted to do for the day. One of the activities was to see Predators.  Later that day, after catering to the whims of my mother was over and I was finally free to spend the rest of the day doing some art work.  I decided to tweet, what was bothering me about this film. 

I also had discussions with other people as well, though they had not seen this film they could not comment on my view point.

Most of yesterday afternoon I was helping with auditions. Once they had finished the people I was with suggested that we go and see Predators. Though I have seen this film once before. It was a good opportunity  because I wanted to get my facts right before I blogged.

I have seen this movie twice now since it's release, which has only been a few days in the UK. I feel slightly over saturated with Predator though it's not a bad thing.

From the opening scene this film has a adrenaline rush experience. Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody plays the role of Royce who is wakes up while falling from the sky and lands in a jungle like environment. When he reaches the ground he meets eight others with the same experience as him self.  No memory on why or how they reached the jungle or who brought them there;  Apart from a blinding light which happens to be the common factor the eight share before they were kidnapped.

However the eight characters soon begin to realize that there is something out there unlike them selves and it is hunting them.  They also realize, that they have to calibrate there skills, if they want to survive the horrors, that is enveloped within the jungle.

I felt the cast was a brilliant choice for this film. However the character Royce didn't really change much through out this film and remained much the same and not really growing or developing. For example I felt that the character neither became stronger or weaker or learned any lessons from his experience while being hunted by a predatory creature.  

The most major element that stood out in this film to me and bothered me enough to blog it.  Is when the characters discover that the planet that they are inhabiting may not be earth.  The character Isabel creates a test by constructing an organic compass. The compass just spins in a rapid continuous circular motion.

Which gives the idea that the planet does not have any planetary polar points. This means that the planet has no rotation. The character Royce, also states that there has been no evidence that planet has moved round the sun and Royce also says  that the sun has remained in the same position in the sky.  This would suggest similarities like the film Pitched Black, there maybe no night, for at least a while anyway. 

However the film does have night time but does not explain why there is a night.  I feel this is a slight scientific inaccuracy in the film. A  hiccup which I happen to noticed and felt the need to blog about. 

I did enjoy this movie and I do feel its worth going to the cinema to watch if you love everything about predator like I do.  I even enjoyed the fact that they introduced the idea, that there is more than one cultural species within Predators. This communicates to me that there is a whole possibility that there may be a structural society in the world of predators and I find that quite exciting.  

The predator that is hunting the eight is brutal, cold, calculating with little remorse to its prey though similar to traditional predator. The predictor most known to us have a sense of honour and awards the warrior that defeats the predator.  For example when the character named Lieutenant Mike Harridan in predators 2 (1990) was awarded a musket for defeating a well respected predator.

The film is left open to a impression that there may be a sequel and I will look forward to the fact they might create another film.



Sunday, 27 June 2010

Game Boyz by Paul Reeves

The creator of Gameboyz has finally put some posts of his work on line. In this sitcom I have a small role and will also work on part of the project as a team on the cgi.

Bellow is a working animated logo that he created not long ago.

This project is in its early stages so not able to go into too much detail right now.  However the creator of this sitcom has blogged about his work so here is a link to his site. 

also his youtube page.

I shall blog more about this sitcom as it progresses


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Names for Skitz animation and some updates.

I have decided on the names for the Skitz's parent and his friend that I have mentioned in previous blogs.  I have decided that Skitz's parent will be named Phren and his friend will be named Nick.  I like this names I think that they suit the characters well.  Still working on Kei. I will be blogging her progress soon. Also coming up with new ideas for a new intro for my show reel.  I think the other intro needs updating and I've learned loads of new skills I would like to try out. So I decided to show that on the intro in the show reel I currently have on my website. 

The sitcom that I'm helping out with is currently in the casting stages. When the filmmaker posts information about the sitcom.  I shall direct links when that up and running.



Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Skitz's Parent

Today I would like to introduce the parent of Skitz.  I have spent few minuets a day.  Over the last couple of  days working around Kei, to produce some concept art of Skitz's parent.  I just got excited about the idea and this little project and wanted to show some progress.

On the right here are some initial designs.
I have already decided that I want the parent to be female young and cute round the age of a mid teen.  I also want to follow the style of Skitz.  So I follow a similar path of a big oval shaped head and big eyes. 
As I continue to get a feel of the character she begins develop and I see clearer the personality of this character.   This character as shown above, I do start designing from the head down. when I get the feel of the characters face the body begins to shape its self on most occasions. This character was basically drawing herself and it felt she was practically jumping from the page.

Kei I have the story in my head and the way I would like the character to play out. Kei's initial concept ideas to paper has not been as easy.

Kei is stylised though not as much as this character on the left.  Deciding on the clothing, hair colour and getting the right style has taken a lot of decisions to consider while creating Kei.

On the right I decided to take the concept work bit further and do some digital colour studies. I usually like to draw in colour pencil. Others like to work with just digital art packages while doing there concept designs.  I feel I spent a lot of time on the computer. It is bit refreshing to go in the garden with a smoothie preferably with mango and loose my self in designing the character. While the weather has been good lately.  I feel the colour has bought some life into this character. 

I felt Red hair will work better with the whole colour style that I have created. Skitz is pink and her pet fish is pink and blue. Depending on what colour of red is used it can be clashing with the colour pink.  I feel this red works well and keeps in with the whole style.

I haven't gave her name yet But I shall be soon.  I may start another pole and see what you think of the name choices. 

I shall start on the 3d works for these characters soon as I can.  However I'm concentrating my time on Kei and would like to have her finished with some animation tests soon. I would also  like to begin the environments and finish the other characters. Also basically get on with the animation I have in mind for Kei.  In July I shall be in a small part acting in a independently made sitcom that I have been casted for. That shall take bit of my time also. 

I shall blog the progress of the sitcom on here and on my actors blog so when I have linked up everything you can follow me here or there.  

When I have  finally given this charater a name I shall document her profile.  So you have more of an idea of her personality.  I feel I have been bit vague with her personality. Once I have decided on a name and produce some more work. I feel you have more of a connection with this character.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :D


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Skitz has a friend.

The last day or so I have scheduled my time to do a few concept designs of skitz's friend while I worked on Kei. I shall start the modeling for this character soon, but I wanted to show some intital designs before I move ahead with the modeling.

First sketches

Yes I decided to design Skitz's friend and yay he is a fish. The larger design is the first sketch that I did on the right. The fish is based on the kumonryu fish originated in China then relocated in Japan and evolved from there. Though based on this type of fish I didn't what any exact pattern designs of the kumonryu fish or any prominent features to effect the creativity of my design I just wanted the kumonryu fish basic shape for my design.

I followed on to do some different colour studies of this fish. I wanted to see what other colour options I have. Although I have made up my mind that this fish is going to be pink and blue striped. The belly of this fish is going to be a light grey with specular colour of pink and blue shade.
Left are second and third idea designs for this character. At this stage I'm getting the feel of the character and his personality. 

I decide to create some more colour designs only out of interest from the second fish design.

Naturally I experiment with earlier character designs however I still unsatisfied with the designs of this character so far.

On the right is the closest to the character I want for Skitz's friend.  

When I next blog about this character I shall have more concept work in different positions which shall give the a feel of this character personality. Also perhaps some early stages of model work too.

I still don't have a name for the character so I may start a pole for the best name for him.  Once I blog his profile this should give you some ideas what his name should be.

Thank you for your taking the time to read my blog.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kei in 3D. (a working progress)

As I have mentioned before in my previous blogs I've been working on a 3d character named Kei. This work shown bellow is some of my working progress and what stage I am at with this character.

This is a front profile of Kei in the beginning stages of modeling. ( Well coming to the end of modeling)

I've not finished texturing yet but bellow is an example of my texturing work along with the typology of the model.

At this stage I am concentrating a lot on the hair. I've still a lot of tweaking to do but I thought I show some of my rendering tests.

As you can see from these examples I still have a bit of work to do on Kei. The next time when I show this character, she should be completed and ready for animation with horns.

I have 2 other main characters to model that will be involved in this animation. I shall tell you more as my work progresses.

For now I leave you with Kei as a working progress.

Night night.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Skitz the Kat

Meet Skitz the Kat. You may have seen her on my website gifteddolphin or twitter. Bellow is some concept art showing her facial profiles. From these images I created the 3D model.

I thought I'll discuss this characters traits. This may or not cause controversiality in some people but this character is not meant to cause any offense to anyone. I would like to state that before I continued further. Skitz has some mental illness problems that have not been diagnosed as yet. Though will be in the near future, when her human parent takes her to the vet. She will be given some anti-depression tablets which are only prescribed for cats.

(May I state this is a fictional character, and I personally do not encourage any experimentation or abuse with any kind of drug use).

However, after Skitz has been given these tablets they only made her dazed and her reactions slow. Skitz is influenced and completely convinced that her human parent is conspiring against her. Skitz decides to plot against her human parent and tries to inflict as much chaos as possible within her home.

This is the story behind the Skitz character and I hope you grow to love her, rather than hold her little eccentricities against her.

Above is the 3D version of Skitz if you have not seen her before. There will be more posts about skitz in the future please keep popping into my blog for updates. :)



Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spaceship, Kei and Girl Bunny

The last few days I've been working with a colleague on a space project. The area I'm working on in this project is the editing. He has worked on the concept, the modeling and the rendering. Final renders should be today then it's my turn (whoop). Very excited about this. It's been a great short project, I say 2 and half weeks he been working on it and now editing and it'll be done. Our client has a screening organized where this clip will be edited into a film so when I find out the dates, I'll post that up on here and twitter. I will also add some links when it's all over for you to take a look of the still renders.

Anyway I have recently been saying "it's time I learn how to multitask while I sleep." It does feel like I have not put anything online for some time now. I'm always busy working away on something and I feel sleep can take up so much time.

I have started modeling a character which has been alive in mind now for about 3 years. Her name is Kei. I have done some sketches of her in the past but never really felt quite right.

While modeling I have allowed my mind to wonder free and the model itself is different. What I mean by different, is her facial bone structure. I have been working on her now on and off for two weeks. and each time that I have been working on the character its been great. I have researched in to hair tutorials and hope to have developed some really awesome techniques and hope to have this (link) style of hair on my character.
(This is only to show what I aim to achieve. This link is a sample only).

This is the closest to the character Kei that I have drawn below.

I have almost finished Girl Bunny. Which is a painting that I have been working on, on and off for 6 weeks now, and very pleased with the way it looks. I have documented the progress. I blog that when its done.

Ty and Tc


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A quick update

I haven't been online for a while. I've been busy doing a side project for a client and not been able to persue some of my projects. If you are regular reader of my blog, I will be busy for a while longer and I will have new work up loaded in a few weeks thank you for your patience.



Monday, 22 March 2010

Gifteddolphin has moved (yay)

Hi there

After all this talk, I finally have moved house, which was last friday. It was very hard going. The removal van came too early and I was not ready. I was rushing around like crazy putting the last items in bags hoping they would not collaps due to the weight.

My yorkshire terrier decided to run away my heart skipped beats with worry beacuse she does not now the area and something terrible could of happened to her. Really dark thoughts entered my mind, knowing my Rudie Ru is not street minded and I have suspicions
that she has acute autistic characteristics. Which one day I shall get her tested for. Finally my boyfriend found her. I'm glad he was around. Poor wee Rudie Ru was shaking from top to bottom. She has not been well the last few days due to the move, she has been bit sick. Allthough I do feel she will survive this experience.
OMG there was a stain on my beautful new very light pink carpet my brain could of exploded like stressed Eric. Franticly I managed to get the stain out of the carpet and now its looking brand new (It is brand new ahh). After this things were going fine just trying to get some of the chaos back to order so I could get some sleep.

That night when I was heading to bed I decided to seek out my mobile, however it was no where to be seen, I looked all over the idea of the loss resulted in me screaming at my boyfriend after all he had done to help that day (poor thing). It was later found sitting out side my new house. (Guess what; by my boyfriend) for say 6 hrs the moble was liying out side for. I think I can say that I am a tad lucky that it was not swiped by anyone or crushed. I slept like the dead that night.

All this was just to explain why I have not updated my blog for the last week or so. I'm trying to slip back into my
unusual work routin.

I plan to have a update on 'Girl Bunny' the painting that I've been working on I hope to get that finised soon. I also plan to have the seriously mini animation I be working including that Surprise I have been talking about by say mid next week.

I've been rambling alot perhaps been a bore to some. I'm off now to crack on with some of my work so you can see the progress next week.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

gifteddolphin is busy

hi there

If you one the great people that like to read my blog then I thank you and don't hesitate to email or comment.

I'm working on a painting that I'm documenting the progress by taking pictures and noting my thoughts also. That will be my next blog,when I next write.
However I dont think I be on here for another week I really don't know. I'm moving house next week, I dont know if I get much work done or when I put up my next blog entry.

I have almost finished my mini animation and also wanted to show my surprise. I really dont want to start what I have in mind and not update it over a week. So I will begin that when the internet is transferred to the new house. which is sooooooooooo bleh because I want to do it now.

These things happen :( but please keep posted and I be back or so so in a week.

Thank you peeps


Monday, 8 March 2010

Girl Fashion

This is the start of the Girl Fashion collection. These designs were inspired by this spring season. Romantic Nude, Floral's with an edge and more poka dots seen in Luella's spring summers collection.

Who could resist an out fit like this and not have there hair tired up in a big bow. Its soo adorable.

These illustrated designs can be found at my store at Zazzle.

Any way I could write all day about this season style and how much I love it. However that is Xani's job. You can find out more about Xani here.

There be more Girl Fashion so keep your-selves posted:)


No images may be taken or reproduced from this blog. all rights reserved

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Today I shall discuss a 3d character. This character name is Xani and is a female age 19.
Milly which you can see on my website or keep your self updated with my blog as I shall also discus that character later, was my first human like character. Xani is my 2nd human like 3d character, that I have modeled with the help of digital tutors.

When I was developing this character these where the challenges that I was faced with.

  • Audience
  • Style
  • Look
  • personality
I knew I wanted create a young person and I wanted the character to be female. I wanted this character to have these qualities: fun, confident and a romantic.

I undertook research into well known characters that have these qualities. Such as Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop , Minnie Mouse and Wilma Flintstone. Even though these characters have these traits in common, each character have qualities that make them unique. With this in mind I developed Xani's personality.

Xani's Profile.

Xani is career orientated and is quite materialistic. I wanted to communicate that she is working towards something and has struggles to try and achieve that goal. I decided to make her a college student, studying journalism. Xani loves fashion and spires to be a editor of a well known magazine one day.

Xani background is not from money. She needs to work harder than others to achieve her success. She has no parents and stays with her grand parents. She is most closest to her grandmother.

To help her through college. She has a Saturday job as a waitress and is a fashion model. Xani drives a Mini convertible, which she pays the costs through the few modeling jobs she has. She dreams of wearing Chanel, Prada and designs from Valentino Garavani one day .

Her other interests are kick boxing. She likes to keep herself fit and healthy.

Xani's Look

Her look has gone through many changes since I started the concept art for this character. Originally she had no eyes inspired by the 'emo' style . Hower I was given advice that my initial goal was not going to be achieved this way. Taking the advice I gave her eyes and her look developed from there, I feel the character is cute and shows the qualities that I mentioned above; fun, confident and a romantic.

Todays popular items in a women's wardrobe is skinny jeans, a long T and boots. I wanted Xani to wear items that represented most items owned by women or by a young women today. Xani does wear a smaller T-shirt because she is young and I feel it represents the fun side of her character.

I have plans to develop this this character further and hopefully you see her in action soon. Please keep your self updated via blog.



Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Updating my Wee Shop

Hi there I wanted to write about Xani tonight and talk about her character. Its getting late and I'm very tired so I'm going to leave it for now. I'm away for a couple of days so I wont get chance until then. I wanted to go into great detail about this character :(. But I think it can wait to my mind is fresh more clear. Anyway I added new stuff to my store here is the sample below:

Night night peeps back in a couple of days.


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